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About Me 

I hold a degree in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing from UC, Irvine. While at UCI, I also excelled in Literary Journalism. I have been published or produced in long and short fiction, journalism, Creative Nonfiction, poetry, technical writing, PR and screenwriting. 


For 5 years, I was on-staff at Toastmasters International. Starting as an Education Writer, I was later assigned the title of staff "Creative Writer" so Toastmasters could take advantage of my varied writing skills. I wrote scripts for many videos, such as "Welcome to Toastmasters" and "The Club Experience." I also wrote textbooks for their Youth Communication program, numerous magazine articles (with and without credit), Web content and public relations materials such as press releases. Along the way, I also edited much of the material they published.


At the same time, I developed my freelance writing portfolio. I write professionally in the PR/Marcom world, composing articles, news releases, profiles, press kits, web content, mass email content and more. My clients have been thrilled with copy that consistently builds their success. Even my family's bike shop benefited when I won a national Time Warner TV commercial with an essay on our community. And my fiction work is now available on a separate website, BethScape.com.

"I can’t thank you enough for your article! It’s lightyears ahead of our standard submission: Complicated “academic” but super relevant topic broken down into accessible pieces, and beautifully written. "

Suzanne Frey

Senior Content Strategist

Toastmasters International