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Riding the Long Beach Grand Prix Racetrack

About Me 

I hold a degree in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing from UC, Irvine. While at UCI, I also excelled in Literary Journalism. I have been published or produced in long and short fiction, journalism, Creative Nonfiction, poetry, technical writing, PR and screenwriting. 

Recently, I have been writing for a large commercial real estate firm, Colliers. The work has been varied and interesting, as I've composed case studies and nomination essays that describe the people and properties involved.


For 6 years, I was on-staff at Toastmasters International. Starting as an Education Writer, I was later assigned the title of staff "Creative Writer" so Toastmasters could take advantage of my varied writing skills. I wrote scripts for many videos, such as "Welcome to Toastmasters" and "The Club Experience." I also wrote textbooks for their Youth Communication program, numerous magazine articles (with and without credit), Web content and public relations materials such as press releases. Along the way, I also edited much of the material they published.


At the same time, I developed my freelance writing portfolio. I write professionally in the PR/Marcom world, composing articles, news releases, profiles, press kits, web content, mass email content and more. My clients have been thrilled with copy that consistently builds their success. When I began writing about electric bicycles, few people in America had ever heard of them. My essay and subsequent Time Warner national TV/Web campaign opened the eyes of the nation to the fun and freedom associated with these bikes.


PS: Please visit to learn about my fiction work.

"I can’t thank you enough for your article! It’s lightyears ahead of our standard submission: Complicated “academic” but super relevant topic broken down into accessible pieces, and beautifully written. "

Suzanne Frey

Senior Content Strategist

Toastmasters International

Available for a full-time position.

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